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Gently stir the water and allow yourself to concentrate ...

Vision: From my Heart

Love = Peace = Unity

Love is the
Greatest Healer
of all

This web site is dedicated to the “LIGHT OF ALL CREATION” (GOD) that is alive within each and every being on this earth!

My name is Ann Marie St James. I AM a Priestess of the ancient order of Melchizadek. I have no titles to claim after my name. I AM a simple Master Soul Healer/Teacher. I AM a channel for the “Divine”. My purpose for this life is to teach about Love and Compassion for all life, and how to integrate this into our daily life. I work with the Archangels and Ascended Masters to help spread the knowledge and awareness “of the all that is”. I AM deeply committed to God First and to all the souls that are in need of guidance.

If you wish, before you request any of my services, do the Meditation – Healing of the World Soul. It is free to copy and use or listen to. It will allow your higher self to bring into your awareness the service that is for your higher good. If you need assistance in determining what Service would be best for your higher good, then please contact me and request assistance. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

May God’s Love & Light Enfold You,
Rev. Ann Marie St James

Mission Statement:

Lotus – Light of the Universe
is a Healing Ministry of the heart.
Dedicated to the healing
of the World Soul
for the greatest
Glory of God!





Lotus ~ Light of the Universe
A Healing Ministry of the Heart

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Rev. Ann Marie St. James